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Margo and Delphin

Margo and Delphin (36m:01s)

There is nothing Margo loves more than making her boyfriend happy by sucking on his fat cock. The cute teen puts her luscious lips right around the hard meat rod and slides her head down while lapping with her pointy tongue. She makes sure to get the prick all juicy wet and even massages the plump balls on her chin. Delphin uses the naughty slut’s pigtails like handlebars to guide her further down but this kinky girl doesn’t need any help! Even though she is barely 18, this horny sweetie has a passion for sucking cock and the skill to do it right. When Delphin’s cock couldn’t get any harder, he spreads his girlfriend’s legs apart and slides his dick right up her tight teen pussy. Margo gets into a truly flexible position so she can take every inch to the beast up her little pink slot. She moans so sweetly but keeps begging for more by grinding her hips to get more teen cock up her cunt. The sexy teen really hammers her pussy by climbing on top of her boyfriend and riding him like a pony. She gets off when she feels his dick twitching and opens her mouth for a hot facial.

Duration: 36m:01s

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Models: Margo, Delphin

Categories: TinSeks

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16 November, 2013 by denniswood:

I don't want to steam any video I just want to look at them but want l let me look at any video please help please denniswood


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